Step One


Your journey with Image London Wigs begins with a personalised first fitting. Our expert team will accompany you at every step. During this consultation, we'll guide you through the ordering process. We'll help you pick the perfect colour, texture, length, and curl to fit your preferences. 

Additionally, we'll discuss the best way to attach your finished wig. We'll consider your unique hair loss. We'll use double-sided tape, discreet clips, or both. We'll ensure a secure and comfy fit. 

As part of the fitting process, we'll take a template mould of your head. It will be the foundation for your custom wig. This mould is then padded onto your unique block, ensuring a glove-like fit tailored to your exact measurements. We will safely store your personalised block for future orders. This ensures that each wig you buy from us is consistent and comfortable. 

Step Two


At Image London Wigs, your journey to perfection continues with our second fitting. We carefully ensure every detail aligns with your vision. During this appointment, we'll try your custom foundation to ensure it fits well and make any needed adjustments to the hairline for comfort and realism. 

Next, we'll show you your hand-blended hair and carefully check that the colour, length, texture, and curl match your specifications. With our expert

guidance, you'll also find the density of your finished wig or hairpiece and set the positioning of the crown. This will ensure a result that is as unique as you are. 

Our skilled artisans then start the intricate process. They hand-knot the hair onto the foundation, following the natural pattern of your hair growth with precision and care. This labour-intensive process takes many hours of careful work. It ends in a masterpiece of craftsmanship. 

Once we finish your wig, it's time for your final fitting. This will bring your vision to life with unmatched beauty and sophistication. 

Step Three


Your new wig gets its last transformation at the final fitting with Image London Wigs. They style and cut it on your head to match your desired look, like you would with your natural hair. We built our fitting and styling service with care. It puts client privacy and convenience first, ensuring a smooth and comfy experience. 

During this appointment, we'll perfect your new hairstyle and guide you on styling your wig at home. Our team will show you easy washing and styling techniques. We will use our unique accessories to help you maintain your new confidence and beauty.

As a bonus, we'll give you a filmed tutorial. You can re-watch the styling process on your own time. It will make sure you feel confident and empowered at every step. With Image London Wigs, your change is not just a service. It's a journey toward confidence and style. 

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  • Alison Clare

    From the moment I walked into Image London Wigs, I knew I was in caring hands. The personalised fitting experience was truly exceptional. They listened to my needs well. They guided me through every step with patience and expertise. They paid great attention to detail when creating my custom foundation, ensuring a perfect fit. Their advice on hair colour and style was invaluable. I left feeling confident and excited for the journey ahead. 


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  • Sharon Dominguez

    My final fitting at Image London Wigs was nothing short of magical. Watching my wig being styled and cut on my head transformed it into a masterpiece. The attention to detail was perfect. The stylist took the time to ensure every strand was perfect. They even taught me how to care for and style my new hair at home. This left me feeling empowered and ready to rock my new look. 


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  • Denise Smith

    The transformation I experienced at Image London Wigs was genuinely life-changing. The fittings and final styling session were personalised, too. Every step of the journey was filled with care and expertise. Seeing my new wig styled on my head was a moment of pure joy and unparalleled confidence. Thanks to Image London Wigs, I found a new hairstyle. I also rediscovered the self-assurance I thought I had lost. 


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